Bikini factory stand behind the brands for many years

Brief introduction

We are new bikini factory to most of you, but we are not new in bikini field. 7 years ago we focused on bikinis, now we still focus on bikinis. Many clients checked our bikinis would like to say, do you also provide other products? I have to say, sorry! As for now, we are focusing on bikinis, maybe in the future, we have other products will update to you.  There is no doubt, our quality is approved.

Where did our bikinis go

You may feel curious where did our bikinis go? Maybe around you. Honest to say, we are not the biggest factory, determine that we must have precise positioning—middle & high-end market. We can not output ten thousand pieces every day, but we treat every piece seriously. Do not ask us to give you the lowest price. Because we can not sacrifice quality to the price since we stood behind brands for many years.

As for now, we want to know more friends all over the world and bring fun to you all.

bikini factory

What’s kind of bikini factory we are?

Here we will introduce what’s kind of bikini factory we are.

We never say our bikini is the lowest price, you can find lower, much lower price than ours in the market. I can explain to you why we can’t make it as lower. For the material we cannot use only one layer instead of two layers for saving cost. we can’t sewing 2 times instead of 3 times to save time. we need to hire enough workers to stick to every position instead of one person doing a variety of positions.

Only in this way, the sales representative can give our clients feedback on time, and consider in advance to help clients avoid any problems & save their time.  Our clients never lost profit, on the contrary, they saved much time to expand their market, get more clients and orders, saved time for dealing with complaints because seldom complaints. This is what our client cost a little more but earn too much.

What can we support?

We never say how big we are, since we are not big enough, we are flexible but we have our rules. We can cooperate with you for large quantity since we make everything in perfect order, also we would love to support some small orders. we understand every big order starts with small orders. Even smaller than our MOQ, we will do our best to support you if we can.

You might be rebuffed by some big factory due to their management is full or your quantity did not meet their MOQ. but for our factory, you will never face this kind of things. If you choose our hot sale styles but did not meet our MOQ, we will evaluate and prepare some as stock. However, as you know, if the quantity is small but the shipping cost not cheap, so the average price per piece is higher than large quantity by air or by sea.

Samples Checking

Do not say, oh your sample cost is very high! If we have sampled in stock, and you choose several designs for quality checking, there is no problem, we can provide for free, just inform us your courier account. Really, some of our clients, we did the greatest support even we paid the shipping cost. But we do not suggest this way, why? So many clients all around the world, and we should send out samples every week, if all shipping cost paid by us, I am afraid, we do not have enough profit to focus the quality.

So good factory can’t move on, which means so many clients can’t get good support anymore. In order to the long-term cooperation and development, we hope we can understand each other. If you need us to customize your design, the sample cost really needs it. Customized printing, customized material, customized style, the cost is to guarantee to make the sample as you need. We can’t get any profit just for your samples, what our target makes you satisfy.

Fast decision to take up the market

Bikini is a kind of fashion every summer, but time is limited, both you and bikini factory should make fast decision and reflection, once you are interested in any of our styles, you should confirm it shortly, so that we can provide you in the shortest time to help you take up the market, or others will stand ahead of you, when you make decision, summer fleeting. You have to keep those styles until next summer, however, when you are selling them out of date styles, your competitors already start the new fashion.

Do not worry about our styles unpopular, every time, we will produce many styles for market testing, only popular styles will put in our catalog. What you received styles in our catalog is the all hot sale. If you have your own design, also welcome, hang tags, care labels, embroidery, hygiene stickers all can be your brand, that’s why we say stood behind the brand for many years.

As for now, you may have a general impression on what’s kind of bikini factory we are, if you have any other questions or suggestions please contact us.

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