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You’ll never have a swimsuit, we are always providing your next bikini

We make swimsuits by heart because we love so hard!

Our team is different, I don’t mean our people are different from other manufacture’s, actually really different. I do mean our person’s mindset is different from a normal worker’s. we don’t think they are only workers, but creators. They are so great, each piece of bikini come out from their hands, brought happiness and laughter to every side of the water park, every piece of land, every spot of beach, every pool, all around the world.

Our creators would not work like a horse in the factory all the time. We will show them the fashion trends of international at the regular time, and share the feedback and video with them. They can speak out their comments since they are specialist. Our creators being taken seriously, so they take swimwear seriously with a beloved heart. Every stitch including our creators’ expectation and joy instead of complaining about endless overtime.

wholesale swimwear supplier

Why we choose a bikini

You are happy so I am happy

Hot weather makes people upset, every cell is growling. Can’t help having the chance to be close to the sea or swim pool, but what’s kind of suits make girls beautiful? Don’t question girls’ the love of beauty. Even though in the water, they always want to keep Sexy and charming, lively and lovely, modest luxury, different girls are fond of different styles. As we are a bikini manufacturer exist for you, OEM, ODM. All for the target of bringing happiness to you.

Choose our swimwear, to be the queen of the beach. Wear our swimsuits to make the most of your body, Like chubbiness breasts, a piece of pink with neck tie bikini customized for you, pink with floral printed detail, seems the delicious sweetness of ice cream, at the same time with a scalloped sleeve, makes you sexier.

Now, your hot body no needs extra decoration already the most charming. It’s also a good choice to put on a sky blue with wide neck tie, enchanting cleavage, and chest type, attract more audience on the beach.

After a week’s work, have a nice weekend to relax and enjoy the holiday on the beach, wearing our swimwear, doing some reading or sports, you are happy and I am happy, this is the reason why we made the bikini.

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Buying bikini is a kind of feelings, a kind of artistic conception

Some people have the feelings of reminiscence, they like collect old things, some others have the feelings of literature and art, but some beach queen has the feelings of show their beautiful body and enjoys the sunshine.

Bikini is not like other products, which people always thought it’s expensive, even cut down cents, they though they win. Bikini is a kind of decoration makes you beautiful, sexy, confident, it’s not several cents can make up. Especial for girls and women, they will never have a swimsuit, which one? The next one! If they are fond of it, they will do their best to get it, never let the several cents break their good mood.

In this blue sky, white clouds floating holiday, Like quiet you, with our scalloped one-piece swimsuit, troubles aside, even without swimming in the sea, just sit under the palm, do some reading or have a cup of juice, it seems paradise on earth.

If you are a vivacious motor type, put on the cut out front bikini with pink stripe printing, no matter you are in the sea or out of the sea, sit down or do sport, you are the most lovely girl. This is an artistic conception, there are no borders and territories feelings, the desire to look attractive is universal.

We are fashion leading & trouble killer

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